Tory Sweety goes for a dip in the pool before peeling off her bikini and going for a ride on her boyfriend's fuck stick


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Tory Sweety is hanging out by the pool in an itty bitty bikini. She oils herself up to make sure her tan is nice and even. Then she tugs her bikini bra aside so she can rub down those titties with the lotion. Standing, she struts into the pool for a dip before coming out for some carnal fun.Tory knows her boyfriend Ralf Christian has been watching her the entire time, and now she's finished with foreplay. Strutting into the living room, she peels off her thong and pops her titties out once again. Ralf wastes no time diving face deep into Tory's breasts as his fingers make magic between her plump pussy lips.Not to leave Ralf wanting, Tory pulls his trunks down to free his stiffie. She strokes him a few times, then settles in for what they both really want: A nice, deep blowjob. Sucking and stroking, Tory revs Ralf up to full mast. When he's ready for her, Ralf pulls Tory into his lap so she can impale herself on his hardon and begin bouncing away.A cowgirl style stiffie ride is just the beginning for these two lovers. Tory can't wait to get that pussy filled even deeper as she falls to her side. Picking up what Tory is laying down, Ralf gives it to her in spooning, lifting one of her legs nice and high to go balls deep.When Tory rolls onto her hands and knees, can't help but squeal in delight when Ralf reenters that velvet glove. Rocking back to meet Ralf thrust for thrust, Tory hums and squeals happily. She gets on her back next, that nice juicy pussy all wet and ready to keep the motion of their ocean going as Ralf keeps on fucking.Sucking her own goo from Ralf's fuck stick, Tory climbs on top for one last stiffie ride. She keeps it up, going as hard as she can to milk a climax from Ralf. He obliges, giving her a creampie that drips free in the afterglow of their lovemaking.


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