Scheming To Get My Stepbrothers Dick - S26:E3


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  • 2023-11-29
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Emma Bugg has a huge crush on her stepbrother, Spikey Dee. She wants that D and she won't quit until she gets it. When she realizes that Spikey is nearby, Emma hides her phone and pretends that she can't find it. Spikey finds it and returns it without noticing her. Taking things to more drastic measures, Emma waits until Spikey is in the bathroom brushing his teeth before joining him in just a towel. She drops the towel and waits, but he just leaves the room ASAP.Frustrated, Emma goes to Spikey's bedroom and asks why he won't look at her. She wants him to sexualize her. Climbing into bed with Spikey, she shows her pussy just long enough to get him hard. Then she teases him, claiming she's going to leave. Spikey is going to get blue balls if he doesn't cum now, so Emma lets him talk her back into the bed to watch him masturbate. She offers to show him her tits in addition to that landing strip snatch. Soon enough the stepsiblings are masturbating together, which just makes them both way too horny to resist the attraction. Emma asks if she can deliver a handie, which leads to a blowjob, which of course leads to fucking.Straddling Spikey's hips, Emma slides down until her tight twat is fully impaled. She leans back and begins to bounce her hips in a stiffie ride. When she leans forward, the angle of penetration changes in the most delicious way. When Emma turns around, Spikey slides on home in doggy to the tune of her moans. They finish Emma off on her back, with Spikey on his knees diving deep between her thighs. When Emma has finished taking a mouthful of Spikey's cum shot, the stepsibs agree that their relationship has taken on a lusty new facet.


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