Room For Two - S7:E6

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  • 8:01
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  • 2023-11-29
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Spencer Scott and her stepson Jason have checked into a hotel. Although Spencer promised Jason there would be two beds, the only rooms available were single kings. Jason offers to sleep on the couch, but Spencer tells him not to be silly.Spencer goes to the bathroom to freshen up. She's totally naked and rubbing lotion onto her skin when Jason knocks. He's shocked when he sees Spencer naked, but she assures him that it's fine. Later, when they've crawled into bed together, Jason waits until he thinks Spencer is asleep and starts beating the meat. Spencer realizes what's up and then decides to help Jason out as long as he swears he'll never tell.Spencer starts out with a handie that turns into a BJ pretty quick. That's not enough for this bigtit milf. She gets on her knees so Jason can fuck her in doggy, which leads to her riding him deep in her landing strip coochie. When Spencer gets on her back and spreads her thighs, Jason really gives it to her as hard and deep as she wants. Between Jason's cock and her hand on her clit, Spencer comes apart. Jason takes the titty fuck Spencer offers and finishes all over her boobs and face.

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