Luscious curvy Russian Lola Bredly is ready to deliver a BJ and titty fuck as foreplay for a raunchy hardcore fuck


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What's more exciting than a movie night with your beau? For Lola Bredly, it's cuddling close to Leo Dee and then letting him think he's the one seducing her. She lets Leo knead those big jugs of hers before getting to her feet and giving him something much hotter than the movie to look at.Swaying her hips from side to side in a hot little sashay, Lola works her dress down her body until it puddles on the floor. Then she pops her boobs from her bra. Her thong is next, hitting the ground only after a bit of a tease. Nude, she steps forward to let Leo do what he will with her breasts.With Leo's obvious hardon, it's a simple decision for Lola to pull his pants down to release that kraken. She can't help but stroke the shaft even as she's opening her mouth to suck down the tip. Getting Leo to his feet, Lola drops to her knees and keeps on blowing him even as her hands knead her generous boobies. Eventually she props them up for a titty fuck that just revs both their motors higher.Getting back on the couch, Lola arranges herself on her hands and knees. She's got plenty of cushion for the pushin', which Leo eagerly explores with his big hands. Sliding home to begin some long strokes in doggy, Leo kisses the sensitive spot between Lola's shoulder blades to make her moan long and loud .Leo's hands get to remain busy exploring Lola's ass as she pushes him onto the couch and then mounts him in cowgirl. Her bounces get even faster and harder as she turns around to go for it in reverse cowgirl. Hands and mouth working Lola's boobies, Leo thrusts up to meet Lola stroke for stroke.Lola gets on her back next so that Leo can pump her full of the D as she lays on her back. They quickly get more adventurous when Lola stands up with Leo still buried inside her velvet glove. That position changes once again with Leo and Lola spooning together on the couch as they keep the motion of their ocean going.Sitting on the couch, Lola sucks Leo off one last time. When he's getting close to cumming, she goes ahead and pushes those tan lined knockers together. The titty fuck is just what Leo needs to pop all over those lush boobs for both of their satisfaction.


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