Jayla de Angelis and Sharon White are holding the moan when their lover discovers them and turns it into a threesome


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Jayla De Angelis and Sharon White are in the kitchen while their boyfriend Raul Costa hangs out in the living room. The girls are getting increasingly flirty as they wait for their food to cook. Sharon finds herself with Jayla sucking her nipples. Of course, she can't let that advance go unanswered.Turning Jayla around, Sharon drops to her knees and tugs her girlfriend's shorts down. She buries her face between Jayla's ass cheeks to lap at the chocolate starfish and lower to drink her love's pussy juices. When Raul turns around to chat with Jayla, Jayla does her best to hold the moan as her hidden love eats her out.Raul knows something is up and he wants in on the action. The girls are only too happy to oblige. They relocate to the couch, where they kneel on either side of Raul and lick and suck one another's nipples. Pulling Raul's hardon out of his pants, the girls share that fuck stick in an enthusiastic double blowjob.Jayla gets to enjoy Raul's hardon first in the most intimate of ways. She climbs into his lap and sinks down until she's fully impaled on his fuck stick. Rocking her hips, Jayla goes for a sensual stiffie ride while Sharon works on Raul's balls.Laying down on the couch, Sharon moans nice and loud as Raul kneels between her thighs and sinks deep into her velvet glove. Sharon's pleasure only grows as Jayla positions her snatch right above her mouth. She licks and moans as she gives and receives pure sensual delight.Taking a seat, Raul helps guide Jayla back down onto his cock. She rides him in reverse cowgirl this time with Sharon rubbing her clit. When Sharon gets the D again, this time with Raul spooning behind her, Jayla sucks her toes and rubs her feet while hitting all her erogenous zones.Jayla finally gets her turn in the middle when Raul comes into her from behind. Munching on Sharon's puss as she takes it in doggy, Jayla makes sure her moans are transferred right to Sharon. Finally sated, the girls get on their knees and help Raul blow his load in their mouths so they can share cummy kisses to end their threesome.


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